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HEINEKEN Serbia doo Zajecar, identification number: 20309288, with its registered office at Železnička 2, Zaječar (hereinafter: "HEINEKEN Serbia") is the owner of the website you have accessed and in principle regulates the functioning of that site and the possible processing of personal data that may occur when using the website or communicating through the website. HEINEKEN Serbia respects your privacy and the company's operations comply with the applicable regulations of the Law on Personal Data Protection of the Republic of Serbia.


HEINEKEN Serbia does not collect or process personal data through the cookies placed by HEINEKEN Serbia. Exceptionally, in case of needs, about which the user will be informed and for which the user will give consent, HEINEKEN Serbia only processes personal data that a user voluntarily provides to HEINEKEN Serbia, by means of registering on the Website for a service provided by the Website. This information may include the user's name, e-mail address, date of birth and country of residence. In case such processing occurs, HEINEKEN Serbia will inform the person to whom the personal data relate, in a special way, about all legal aspects of the processing of personal data.




Transfer, storage and processing of data


The transfer, storage and processing of data collected through this Website is secured by means of current, usual technical measures. HEINEKEN Serbia may transfer your personal data to its group companies or third parties to fulfill any of the services requested by you, which parties will process your personal data according to instructions of HEINEKEN Serbia and under the responsibility of HEINEKEN Serbia.







Access, correction and removal


You can request HEINEKEN to provide access to the personal data it has collected about you at any time. You can also request HEINEKEN Serbia to correct or to delete such personal data. Please send an email to in case you have any questions concerning your personal data.




In addition, the data subject has the right at any time to: (i) inspect the personal data by means of a written request with the possibility to find out exactly which personal data are collected, for what purpose and to verify the accuracy of the data about personality; to which third parties / processors their personal data have been transferred and for what purpose; (ii) sources of personal data, when collected and updated; (iii) withdraw consent at any time and for any reason; (iv) prohibit the processing of personal data; (v) file a complaint with the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection; (vi) claim compensation.



This Privacy and Cookies Policy may be amended or supplemented. These changes will take effect immediately after the publication of the amended Privacy Policy and cookies. Website users are advised to read the Privacy and Cookies Policy regularly for possible changes.

Cookie policy



Cookie policy


This website (, dedicated to the HEINEKEN Serbia Company, is provided by HEINEKEN Serbia. This website uses cookies; cookies are small text files that the Website stores on your user device.



Cookies used on the Website


The Website uses cookies for the following purposes:


Functional cookies: Cookies used to enhance the user friendliness of the Website for visitors. For example, a cookie is placed to make the stock information tools work more efficiently. The functional cookies of the Website that are stored by HEINEKEN Serbia on your computer only remain valid during your session on the Website.


Analytics cookies: HEINEKEN Serbia uses Google Analytics cookies, with the purpose to analyze how visitors use the Website. HEINEKEN Serbia can then make improvements to the usability of the Website. Google only processes data obtained via the Website in an anonymous form. Please visit for more information on Google Analytics.



Third party cookies: The Website allows cookies of social plugins of several third parties. This enables a user to share content of the Website on certain social networks. These plugins also enhance the user friendliness of the Website. For example, with the Facebook plugin on the Website, users can simply register themselves on the Website with their Facebook account details.


The (use of the) data collected by these third parties via the social plugins are exclusively determined by such third party as HEINEKEN Serbia cannot read these cookies (nor can these parties read the cookies of HEINEKEN Serbia). For more information about third party cookies, please read the privacy and cookie policies of those third parties on the above-mentioned Google Analytics website.




Changing the settings


By changing the settings in your web browser, you can establish that you will be given notice if a cookie is stored on your computer. By changing settings, you can also establish that your browser does not accept cookies from this Website. However, if your browser does not accept cookies from this Website, you may not be able to access or use all features of this Website.






Please send an email to in case you have any questions concerning anything on the use of cookies on the Website.




[1] Cookie - A piece of information that a web page leaves on your hard drive; a file located locally that tracks your Internet search data. Hereinafter: hooks


[2] Hereinafter: plug-in.